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Worship Him and PowerPoint for church Presentations

Advantages over PowerPoint:

Worship Him has many distinct advantages over PowerPoint in a church presentation setting because that's precisely what Worship Him is designed for. PowerPoint is designed for business presentations where a linear pre-planned slideshow is typically used. Here are just few things that make Worship Him better suited for church presentations:

First and foremost is the time saved in preparing for a worship service: Once your songs are imported or entered into Worship Him, to prepare for a service you need only drag and drop the songs you plan to use into a pre-prepared list called a cue list. Cue lists can be saved and opened separately as well as copied to a memory stick and taken to another computer. Even entering your songs into Worship Him is much easier than entering them into PowerPoint. If your church has a CCLI license and a subscription to CCLI's SongSelect service, you can download songs from there and import them into worship Him with no typing at all. Even if you have to type or copy+paste your song lyrics in it's still much easier than PowerPoint because you don't have to create slides.

Next is Worship Him's advanced on-the-fly capabilities. If your choir or worship leader decides to do a song that wasn't planned ahead of time, Worship Him's advanced search allows you to instantly bring the song up and be ready to show it. Bible passages are the same. If you need to show a Bible passage simply type the minimum text to identify the passage in the Bible passage section and the passage is ready to be shown. For example if you want to show Revelations 3:1-5 just type 'rev3:1-5' and hit Enter. Now the slides for Revelations 3:1-5 are ready to be clicked on to show them.

Worship Him's ability to respond to the spontaneity of a church worship service is futher enhanced by the ability to show spontaneous song text. If a spontaneous chorus emerges during worship you can just type it in and display it just like another verse with a single click. If a previous spontaneous chorus starts again after you've shown something else you can easily re-select it from the 'Previously shown' list.

Another great advantage is the ability to display any kind of media all from within Worship Him: play DVDs, video clips, audio CDs, show pictures, web content, nursery/alert messages, and even record audio. All types of media can be easily added to a cue list or selected and shown on-the-fly.

Using PowerPoint and Worship Him together:

     Worship Him comes complete with an announcement builder and the ability to automatically loop (continuously display) the announcements you create. However, if you already own PowerPoint and you prefer to use PowerPoint for your announcements or Sermon Points, Worship Him's PowerPoint integration is there to make it smooth and easy. PowerPoint presentations can be added to cue lists so you can start them easily right from within Worship Him. You can select to start a PowerPoint show normally and have it run with PowerPoint, or have Worship Him convert the PowerPoint show to a picture slideshow that you then control with Worship Him. Either way, Worship Him has you covered.

These are just a few of the many reasons to try Worship Him. Why not purchase now, or download the free 30 day trial today!

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