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Worship Him!

Worship Him Church Presentation Software features

Power and Lite Edition feature comparison Power Lite
  Site license -Install on multiple computers, no extra charge. X X
  Dual monitor support -control and presentation on separate displays. X X
  Enter chords with song lyrics and optionally include on presentation feed. X X
  Video clips with volume, looping, and in+out points. X X
  Audio clips with volume, looping, and in+out points. X X
  DVD player with volume control and in+out points. X X
  Pictures and picture slideshows. X X
  Audio recorder with level adjust and indicator. X X
  PowerPoint import (as picture slideshows)+launch with PowerPoint from cue list. X X
  Wireless presenter support. X X
  Suitcase pack/unpack for transfering files. X X
  Import songs from CCLI Song Select, Sunday Plus, Text, Open Lyrics, Open Song X X
  Export songs to text, Open Lyrics, and Open Song formats. X X
  As-you-type spell checking in English (US+UK), Spanish, and German. X X
  Automatic and manual backup features. X X
  CD player with volume control and loop track or entire CD. X X
  Over 700 hymns included (+ add your own). X X
  Nursery message/alerts. X X
  140 Still backgrounds included (+ add your own). X X
  88 Video backgrounds included (+ add your own). X X
  13 Bible versions including the KJV, NIV, NKJ, NAS and The Message X X
  Supports Windows 10, 8, 7 X X
  Updated and enhanced user interface. X X
  Powerful song search + browse. X X
  Simultaneous shadows and outlines on projected text. X X
  Easily project Web content including full screen YouTube video support *. X X
  Audio playlists with auto loop, and shuffle. X X
  Alarm and timer with events (IE: autostart countdown video, etc.) X X
  Timer can be count-down or count-up, and on or off-screen. X X
  On-screen clock display X X
  Easy DVD setup with support for Windows 10. X X
  Up to five independant fully-capable projector feeds. X O
  Video jockey control for selecting backgrounds and transitions on-the-fly. X O
  Auto-loop any media (Picture slideshows, announcements, etc). X O
  Work with multiple cue lists, each on a separate tab X O
  Live video player + live video as backgrounds. X O
  Primary and alternate language text for songs, Bible, announcements X O
  Network remote control mode (control presentation computer from another computer.) X O
  Share data and graphics over a network, internet, or memory stick. X O

* YouTube support is subject to changes in YouTube's technology
and what YouTube and the content creators permit.

Feature Details

Power Edition enhancements:

While the Lite Edition supports one projector feed and a separate disply for the operator's screen, the Power Edition supports 5 fully capable independant projector feeds, all supporting video playback, video backgrounds, and transitions, ... simultaneously! Optimize any feed for primary feed, stage feed, alternate language feed, or announcement feed. Note: Each additional feed requires an additional monitor output.

Video jockey mode:
Quickly and easily change backgrounds and transitions on-the-fly to match the mood of your worship service.

Auto-loop any media items including announcements, picture slideshows, etc.

Open and work with multiple cue lists at the same time. Auto-run announcements on one cue list while you work with another cue list on a separate tab.

Text over live video, or just play live video via the video player control.

Primary and alternate language for all text-based items:
Project songs, announcements, Bible passages, etc in two languages simultaneously. (You can optionally select any projector feed to display alternate language text).

Network remote control mode:
Allows one computer running Worship Him to control up to 3 other computers running Worship Him, allowing you to project items on the controlled computer. Use a laptop computer as a confidence/stage feed, or as a projection-view in any remote location!

Advanced data and graphics sharing:
You can select the location of the data and graphics folders, allowing you to put them on a network share, internet storage (must be able to map to drive letter), or removable media. Once this is done multiple computers can access the shared data (song database, cue lists, etc) and background graphics automatically.

Features in both the Power and Lite Editions:

Supported media:

Bible verses
Sermon points
Open Office Impress
Picture slideshows
Video player (including HD) with in and out points
Audio player with in and out points
DVD player (with in and out points)
CD player
Web pages including automatic full screen YouTube video support


Updated user interface. Most everything is integrated into the main window, just a click away.

Searching songs is much more powerful with the new Song browser. Phrase search in lyrics, song key, author, etc AND simultaneously sort the results by any song field as well. Click a song in the list to preview it, double-click it to select it. Easily select a song for editing, or projection, or add it to the cue list from the song browser window.

As-you-type spell checking in English (US and UK), Spanish, and German.

Completely re-written from the ground up to take advantage of current development tools and technology.

13 Bible versions including the NIV, NKJ, NAS, and Message versions, plus copy+paste from web pages or other Bible apps.

Full-screen YouTube video support.

Build audio playlists from mp3 sound files and other formats.

Fade/blend transitions now available with video and web content.

Text regions allow you to place song Bible or announcement text in specific areas over your background.

As-you-type spell checking now available in US+UK English, Spanish, and German.

More powerful timer/alarm feature with on-screen clock display and alarm/timer events.

Working with projector display templates is much easier and more powerful. Specify just where to place text over your background. Select templates from thumbnails instead of having to click a template to see what it looks like.

More video and still backgrounds plus 2 countdown videos courtesy of www.motionloops.com and www.worshipbackgroundsforfree.com.

Full Site license included with purchase
Dual monitor - the projector and control are on separate displays.
Simultaneous shadows and outline
Many transitions, including 'Fade-simultaneous'/ blend
Text over video
Wireless presenter support
Build cue list for scheduled events
+ Access unscheduled events quickly and easily
Over 140 picture backgrounds (+ add your own)
88 Video backgrounds (+ add your own)
Gradient and vignette backgrounds created on the fly
Announcement/sermon point builder
Optionally password protect song adding and editing
Full drag-drop and right-click support
Nursery/message alerts. Select position, duration, flashing, scrolling, etc.
Video clips with volume control, looping, preview, and in+out points
Audio clips with volume control, looping, and in+out points
Sound recorder - record your service for CD or podcast
'Show logo' feature: picture, video, or text over any background
CCLI Song Select lyrics import
Sunday Plus lyrics import
Suitcase pack/unpack feature for easy transfer of songs and files
Song usage tracking and reports
Operator notes for each song or cue list item
Automatic song file backups
+Backup all data and graphics in one easy step
Enhanced copy/paste
Serial port projector control
Phrase search songs with search by title, author, pub, etc
Phrase search Bible
Database of over 700 public domain hymns (+ add your own)
Share data and graphics between computers over a network or internet
Share data and graphics between computers using a memory stick

Many additional features + enhancements too numerous to list.
Purchase now or try the 30 day demo to see for yourself!
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Featuring backgrounds from:

www.motionloops.com www.footagefirm.com www.worshipbackgroundsforfree.com
www.worshipfilms.com www.christiancollages.com www.worshipvideoloops.com

Click here to view the video backgrounds included with your purchase

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