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     Here are some tips and answers to some commonly asked questions. These answers apply to both the Powera and Lite Editions unless stated otherwise. If you can't find your answer here, feel free to email us at: support@worship-him.com. You will receive a prompt reply (usually within 24 hours) from the most qualified expert possible: the software's author!

DOT NET Framework 4.7.2 Required:
If you saw a message about the DOT NET Framework when you installed Worship Him you will need to install the DOT NET framework 4.7.2 or higher VIA Windows Update or:
1) Go to Microsoft's .NET Framewrok Download page at:
     Download .NET Framework | Free official downloads (microsoft.com)
2) Select .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher and follow the prompts.
     You want the 'Runtime' not the  'Developer Pack'.

  Windows 10 and 11:

If videos wont play, cause Worship Him to freeze, or any other video playback issue:
1) Make sure all Windows updates are installed.
2) Install the Klite codec pack. Here is a link to an older version that has worked well:
3) Check the ‘Video render’ setting in the ‘Video’ section of Worship Him’s options window. Directx7 and Directx9 are the two best ones. If it’s already set to one then try the other.
4) Install the latest video drivers for your computer’s video system.

How to remove the Windows taskbar from presentation displays:
1) Right-click an empty part of your taskbar and select 'Taskbar settings' then turn off 'Show taskbar on all displays'.

System requirements:

Supported Operating Systems: 

Windows Vista Premium or higher, Windows Seven Premium or higher, and Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11 are all fully supported. Basic versions of Windows Vista and Seven supported for editing songs and cue lists, but not recommended for the projection computer.

Hardware requirements:

Power Edition minimum hardware requirements: 2 GHZ core2 Duo (or AMD equivalent) processor, 2 GB ram. Either a laptop computer, or a desktop computer with at least 2 video cards or single card with 2 monitor outputs (for dual monitor).
Recommended: 3 GHZ core2 Duo (or AMD equivalent) processor, 4 GB ram. I5 or I7 processor recommended if more than three feeds will be used. Additional video cards and/or monitor outputs required for additional feeds (up to five supported).

Lite Edition minimum hardware requirements: 1.6 GHZ core2 Duo (or AMD equivalent) processor, 2 GB ram. Either a laptop computer, or a desktop computer with at least 2 video cards or single card with 2 monitor outputs (for dual monitor).
Recommended: 2 GHZ core2 Duo (or AMD equivalent) processor, 4 GB ram.

Recommended video cards/integrated graphics: Good graphics performance is required for video backgrounds and smooth transitions. ATI/Radeon or Nvidia/Geoforce based graphics cards and integrated chipsets are recommended. These manufacturers make graphics cards and chipsets primarily for computer gaming, and as a result are also excellent for presentation software. Intel integrated graphics are not as highly recommended, although they are sufficient in modern systems.

  General questions:

Does the Power or Lite Edition upgrade the previous (now called Classic Edition) version?
Answer: No. We offer upgrade-discount pricing but the Power and Lite Editions install to a different folder and can be installed alongside the Classic Edition. To import your songs from the classic edition select 'Import songs from another Worship Him song file' from the file menu of the Power or Lite Edition's song editing window.

Does Worship Him come with a site license?
Answer: Yes. All versions come with a generous site license! Click here for the site license details.

Does Worship Him support wide screen and High definition video formats?
Answer: Yes it does. Worship Him will automatically fit whatever is being projected to the Windows desktop resolution used for the projection display. HD video clips or backgrounds will display at whatever your projection display's resolution is set at. 3X4 still backgrounds are automatically stretched to fill a 16X9 display. If you are running Windows Vista or higher 3:4 videos will also automatically be stretched to the 6:9 screen. Some of the backgrounds that come with Worship Him are in 3:4 format but they are mostly nature scenes or abstract art and they look fine stretched to 16:9. Note that your computer's video card must support and be set to the 16:9 resolution that the projector requires.

What songs come with the full version?
Answer: The full version comes with a song database file of over 700 public domain hymns. Click here for a list.

How do I access the 700+ public domain hymns?
Click the 'Edit songs' button to open the song editing window then select 'File' then 'Import songs from another WH song database file' from the menu. Then select the 'Public Domain 700.mdb' file and click the 'Open' button. A window will appear with the 700+ songs on the left, and the songs in your current song file on the right. Select the songs you want to add to your song file, then click the 'Import' button. If you want to add all of the songs click the 'Select new' buttons to select all of the songs in the 700+ song file that aren't already in your current song file, then click 'Import'. If the 'PublicDomain700' song file is not there make sure the folder that the file-selection window is set to is the 'Worship Him Power Edition\data' folder located in the 'Public documents' folder. Also make sure you've installed the Worship Him Power Edition from the full-version download link provided in the purchase-receipt email or CD.

What is your upgrade policy?
Answer: Bug fix and minor upgrades are always free. While we reserve the right to charge for major upgrades,  we’ve provided numerous major upgrades for free and plan to continue for the forseeable future. Completely new editions like the Lite/Power Editions vs the Classic Edition will always be provided at a reasonable upgrade price.

Upgrade History:
We’ve only charged for upgrades twice since Worship Him was first released in 1999, and one of those is when we came out with the Power and Lite Editions which are completely new products re-written from the ground-up. We charge $129.95 (vs $299.95) for the Classic to Power Edition upgrade and $49.95 (vs $199.95) for the Classic to Lite Edition upgrade.


  Multiple Monitors:

What is multiple monitors?

Multiple monitors is a Windows feature that allows a computer to have more than one monitor/display. Of course this means the computer must have two or more monitor outputs. Most laptops have this capability with their built-in display as one monitor and the capability to use their VGA or HDMI connector for a second monitor. On the other hand, a desktop computer needs to be equipped with a dual-monitor capable video card, or two separate video cards. (You will see at least two VGA, DVI, HDMI, or Display Port monitor connectors on the back of the computer.) The easiest way to add multiple monitor capability to a desktop computer is to install a new video card with multiple-monitor outputs. Most common are the Nvidia/Geoforce or Radeon based cards. Installation should be done by a professional or someone with experience assembling or upgrading computers. Once a Windows computer is setup with multiple monitors you will be able to view a different program in each monitor simultaneously. Worship Him is designed to use multiple monitors to supply the image to a video projector independently of the operator's screen. If present Worship Him can also use a third monitor output to provide a second projector display to be used as a choir/worship team feed, or a second-language projector feed.

Enabling multiple monitors:
Note: A computer that does not have dual monitor's setup properly may show nothing on the projector or the same image on both the projector and the computer screen.

1) Start with the computer turned off.
2) Plug in the projector’s Video cable to the external VGA (or HDMI, etc) port on the of the laptop, or additional monitor output on the back of the desktop computer.
3) Turn on the computer and wait for Windows to finish loading. Windows 8 users: When Windows is finished loading click the 'Desktop' tile if necessary to get to the traditional Windows desktop.
Windows Vista: Right-click on an empty part of the windows desktop and select 'Personalize' then click 'Display settings'.
Windows 7+8: Right-click on an empty part of the windows desktop and select 'Screen resolution'.
Windows 10 and 11: Right-click on an empty part of the windows desktop and select 'Display settings'.

5) In the window that comes up click the 'Detect' button. You should now see a picture with two monitors shown (or more if you computer has more) – one with a ‘1’ in it and the other with a ‘2’ in it. Click on the ‘2’ monitor and select ‘Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor’ in the 'Multiple displays' settings below. Also, with monitor 2 still selected, look for an option that says 'This is my main monitor' or 'Use this device as my primary monitor' and make sure it is NOT selected. Repeat for each additional monitor (3,4,etc) if any, then click ‘OK’.

If after clicking 'Detect' there is only one monitor with both a 1 and a 2 in its display click it and change the setting below to 'Extend these displays'.

6) Run Worship Him. If Worship Him should now automatically detect and use your additional monitors. If Worship Him was already running, close and restart Worship Him so it can detect the additional displays.

If you saw only one monitor in step 5 and it had only one number in it's screen: Either the computer does not support multiple monitors or there is a setting somewhere that needs to be changed to enable the second monitor. Look for a monitor/displays setting that has the word 'Extend' in it. Also some computers automatically disable the second monitor if nothing is plugged into it when the computer is turned on, so it's always a good idea to plug the projector in before you turn the computer on.

If the Windows taskbar is showing on the projector:
Right-click any empty portion of the taskbar and select 'Properties' and uncheck 'Show taskbar on all displays'.

Video and audio players:

No audio when playing video or audio clips:
While playing the video or audio clip in Worship Him, click the speaker icon in the Windows system tray (near where it shows the time) and in the mini-volume window click 'Mixer'. Then in the mixer window look for the volume slider that's all the way down and put it up to full. It should work now, and still allow you to control the volume from the Worship Him video or audio player window.

Video backgrounds only show for an instant then go black (Classic Edition only):
Windows Vista: In the Worship Time window, select 'Options' and make sure 'Disable Vista Aero' is checked. Otherwise, the most likely cause is a video card driver issue. Try checking your video card or computer manufacturer’s website support page for updated video drivers, and download and install them if there are. If that doesn’t solve it, try reducing the resolution and/or colors setting of the second monitor in Window’s display settings.

Some video formats wont play, - including Flash .FLV files:
 This is usually a codec problem. We recommend downloading and installing the Klite codec pack. It's free, includes codecs for most video formats, and has been found to work well with Worship Him. Click here to download version 920 of the Klite codec pack. Also, if you're running the classic version of Worship Him, upgrade to version 4.31 or higher for complete drag-drop and browsing support for .FLV flash video files. Classic Edition: If you also need Worship Him's DVD player follow the instructions for installing the Klite codec pack in the DVD help topic below.

Some audio formats wont play, - including Itunes .aac files:
Follow the instructions for installing the Klite codec pack in the DVD help topic below. Classic Edition: If you don't need Worship Him's DVD player you can just download and install the Klite codec pack. If you need the DVD player follow all of the steps.

  DVD player:

No audio or you get an error message when you try to use the DVD player:
Answer: This is caused by the lack of a compatible renderer or codec.

Power and Lite Edition users:
For reliable DVD playback all you need to do is install the free VLC Media Player from Video Lan. The VLC Player is a well known Open Source Media Player and can be downloaded here: http://www.videolan.org.

Windows Vista continue here: We now have a compatible codec installed, but before it can work we need to disable the non-compatible Microsoft codec. To do this you'll need to download another small utility. You can download it from here:
Download Installed Codec.zip It is a zip file. Save it to your Desktop. On most computers it will look and behave like a folder. Double-click it to open it and drag + drop the file 'installedcodec.exe' to your Windows desktop. Double-click installedcodec.exe to run it. Then in the Installed codec window find the codec named 'Microsoft MPEG-1/DD audio decoder', right-click it and select 'Disable'. Also right-click and disable the 'Microsoft MPEG-2 Video Decoder'. Close and re-start Worship Him. That's it! You should now have audio in Worship Him's DVD player.

Windows 7 users continue here: Run the 'Win7DSFilterTweaker' tool. To run it click the Windows Start button and select 'All programs', 'Klite codec pack', 'Tools', then 'Win7DSFilterTweaker'. Click the 'Tweaks' button in the Win7DSFilterTweaker window. In the 'Windows 7 Tweaks' window put a check next to 'Disable Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder' then click 'Apply and close'. Close and re-start Worship Him. That's it! Worship Him's DVD player should be working.
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