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Worship Him!

   Free cloud-sync with Worship Him 

Worship Him's data and graphics sharing/relocation feature makes it easy to use DropBox, Google Drive, or Microsoft's One Drive (formerly known as SkyDrive) to achieve automatic online sync and backup of all of your data and graphics including songs, cue lists, and backgrounds! Here's how:

     Worship Him Power Edition includes some unique features that make it easy to re-locate your worship presentation data and graphics folders. This allows you to take advantage of free online storage such as Dropbox or Microsoft's One Drive to sync your presentation data (songs, cue lists, etc) and background graphics between multiple computers. Just select ‘Share data and graphics folder’ from the File menu and Worship Him will guide you through the process of selecting the new location for you data and graphics. Do the same on as many other computers that you have Worship Him installed on. On one of the computers you will also select to copy the files to create the initial shared data and graphics pool. Worship Him then does this for you. Now just sit back and enjoy the benefits of fully automatic online cloud storage and synchronization across multiple computers. Imagine entering songs on your home computer, then firing up the computer at church and the songs are automatically there. No memory-stick transfers, and best of all: no monthly bill!

One Drive VS DropBox VS Google Drive:
Storage spaces (at the time of this writing): Microsoft One Drive (formerly known as SkyDrive) offers 7 Gigabytes of storage for free, DropBox offers 2 Gigabytes, and Google Drive offers 15. Any one is enough to get you started, including room for the 140+ still and 88 video backgrounds that come with Worship Him, plus room for additional songs and cue lists. The backgrounds that come with Worship Him require about 1.7 gigabytes of space so One Drive’s 7 gigabytes or Google Drive's 15 give you plenty of room to grow, even if you add a lot of additional backgrounds. DropBox’s 2 gigabytes doesn't give you much room for additional graphics, so if you plan on adding much you might want to purchase additional space or switch to One Drive or Google Drive.

How they work:
When you install DropBox, One Drive, or Google Drive on your computer, a special folder is created that automatically ‘Syncs’ with the online storage that each service provides for you. This means that whatever gets saved in this special folder on your computer automatically gets copied to the online storage space. In addition, any other computer(s) that also have DropBox, One Drive, or Google Drive installed with the same account also have their special folders synced to the same online storage space. So when you change any of the contents of the special folder on one computer, the changes get copied to the other computers automatically.

How Worship Him uses Google Drive, One Drive or DropBox:
Using the procedure described above, you can re-locate Worship Him’s data and graphics folder on each of your computers to the special One Drive or DropBox folder. From then on whenever you edit songs, create cue lists, add backgrounds, etc, the changes are automatically synced to DropBox or One Drive and then to your other computers.

Final tip:
Each of the online storage services have a little status icon in your computer’s system tray (the small icons right next to your computer’s clock). This icon tells you the ‘Sync status’. This is important because when you make changes to the special folder, it takes time for those changes to get synced (copied) to the online storage. It also takes time for changes to get copied from online storage to your other computers. So, after making changes in Worship Him (adding and editing songs, adding background graphics, etc), it’s a good idea to check the icon to make sure the sync is complete before turning off the computer. Also, when first turning on your computer it’s a good idea to check that the online storage is synced before starting Worship Him.

One Drive, Google Drive, and DropBox have been around for a long time, and they have perfected and matured their online syncing technology. We’ve tested Worship Him extensively with them and found them to be reliable. This is a fantastic way to get free and reliable online/cloud sync of all your presentation data and graphics. Give it a try for yourself!

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Featuring backgrounds from:

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www.worshipfilms.com www.christiancollages.com www.worshipvideoloops.com

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