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Worship Him!

Streaming Online With Worship Him
Part 2

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In the first tutorial we demonstrated how to setup Worship Him's live video support and overlay song and Bible text, then how to stream that presentation using OBS. In this tutorial we'll take it farther by setting up two 'Scenes' in OBS: one for presenting song lyrics over full-screen live video, and one for Bible passages, sermon notes, etc incorporating full-screen live video with a Worship Him feed as PIP (picture-in picture). To implement what's demonstrated in this tutorial you will need everything required for the first tutorial plus at least one additional Windows monitor output, so that's: A computer with at least 3 monitor outputs, a video camera compatible with OBS, Worship Him Power Edition, OBS, and if you're using an NDI camera you'll need 'Webcam input' app from NDI tools.

Step 1)
Again we'll start with setting up the projector feeds/displays in Worship Him. After launching Worship Him I'm going to set the default Projector display template for Feed 1 to 'Bott Third_Green'. First I go to the 'Songs' section of the options window and click the 'Select default projector display templates' button, then locate and click on the 'Bott Third_Green' template (they're in alphabetical order), then click Feed1 at the bottom of the template-selection window:

Now before clicking OK, locate and click on a different projector displate template; one with a normal background like 'Time to Worship 4' then click on Feed2 at the bottom of the template-selection window:

Click OK to close the template-selection window and OK again to close the Options window.

Next we want to make sure all the songs we're going to use are set to the default projector display template. If you've never selected a specific template for any of your songs then they should already be set to the default template so you can skip this step. Many of my songs have a specific template selected so I'm going to set all of my songs to default all at once. I start by selecting the first song in my songs list-box, then scoll down to the last song, and click the last song while holding the Shift key. Now all of the songs are selected. Next I right-click any of the selected songs and click 'Select projector display templates for highlighted song(s)' from the right-click menu:

Now in the projector display template selection window place a check in the 'Use default' checkbox underneath 'Feed1' and 'Feed2' at the bottom:

Click OK to close the projector display templates window.

Worship Him is ready to go! Now we'll go thru seting up OBS to use our live-video camera in conjunction with these 2 feeds to stream live video with the ability to switch between a picture-in-picture of a full-screen Worship Him presentation, or overlaying of the song lyrics in the lower-thirds.

Step 2)
Setting up a scene for lower-thirds lyrics over live video:
Launch OBS and now were going to add the live video camera as a source in OBS. Once OBS is running click the plus-sign (+) just below the 'Scenes' box at bottom-left and create a new scene titled Lower thirds':

Now lets add the sources we need for this 'Scene' starting with our live-video source. Click the plus-sign (+) just below the 'Sources' box at the bottom of the OBS Window and select 'Video capture device':

In the 'Create/Select Source' window select 'Create new and type a name for the camera. I'm using an NDI camera so I'm naming this one 'NDI 1'. Once the name is entered click the OK button:

A 'Properties' window will come up; set the 'Device' drop-down selector to your live-video camera, in my case it's called NewTek NDI video' because I'm using the NewTek 'Webcam input' app connected to my camera. Once the device is selected click the OK button to close the Properties window:

Our live video source is now added to OBS as 'NDI 1'. If the source doesn't cover the entire area of the scene click and hold on the edges of the source-box and move the mouse to expand it so that it just encompasses the scene area.

Next we add a source for the first of our 2 Worship Him feeds.

To make it easy to tell which display is for which Worship Him feed, go to the Options window in Worship Him and click 'Projector displays' in the left side-pane then click the 'Identify feeds' button at the bottom. Now each feed-display will be presenting it's Worship Him feed number.

Return to OBS and click the plus-sign (+) just below the 'Sources' box again and this time select 'Display capture'. Select 'Create new' and give it a name. I'm naming mine 'Feed1' for the Worship Him feed I'll be selecting. Click the OK button and in the Properties window select the display corresponding to the Worship Him feed and click OK:

Now we need to tell OBS that we want to use chroma-keying to overlay our 'Feed 1' source over our live 'NDI 1' video source. 1st we need to set the order of the sources correctly. In our case we want to OVERlay our 'Feed 1' lyrics onto the live video so if it's not at the top of the sources list click on it and then click the up-arrow button to put it on the top as show here:

Time to setup the chroma-keying that will make the green background become transparant allowing the live-video underneath to show thru. Right-click the 'Feed 1' source and select 'Filters' then click the plus button (+) in the bottom-left corner of the Filters window. Select the Chroma-key filter then click the 'Close' button:

Now we have Worship Him's Feed1 presenting song lyrics in bottom-thirds over our live video:

My live-video is just the back of my office; sorry for the boring content!

Step 3)
Now to create a second scene for Feed 2 as picture-in-picture. Click the plus button (+) underneath the 'Scenes' window again and create a new scene named 'PIP'. Now to add the live video source to our PIP scene: click the plus button (+) underneath the 'Sources' box, select 'Video capture device', in the 'Create/Select Source' box select 'Add EXISTING' and click on the live-video source you added for scene 1 (in my case it's named 'NDI 1') then click OK:

If the source doesn't cover the entire area of the scene click on the edges of the box and move the mouse to expand it to the edge.

Finally, we add a new source for Worship Him's Feed 2; the one we setup for full-screen presentation. Click the plus button (+) underneath the sources button and select 'Display capture', then in the 'Create/Select Source' box select 'Create new', type in a name (I used 'Feed 2') then click OK:

Now in the 'Properties' window select the display where Worship Him's Feed2 is presenting and click OK:

And were back to the OBS main window with our live video and Feed2 sources added:

We know from setting up the previous scene that we already have the order of our sources correct: Feed 2 is over the live-video 'NDI 1' source. If the order was wrong we could just click on one of the sources and use the up-down arrows to move it. What we need to do now is set the Feed 2 source to picture-in-picture. To do this all we have to do is click and hold on the red outline around it and move it to resize it. I'm going to resize it to about 1/4 screen and the move it to the bottom-lect by clicking and holding in the middle of it and moving it around with the mouse:

Now it's picture-in-picture (PIP)!

We now have 2 scenes to select from so this is a good time to turn on 'Studio mode'. Click the Studio Mode button at bottom-right in the 'Controls' box:

To switch scenes we just click the scene we want in the scenes box, then click the 'Transition' button to switch our live-stream to the new scene. I recommend using lower-thirds mostly for song lyrics, and PIP for Bible passages, PowerPoint slides, and sermon notes.

If your computer has enough displays you can setup a third feed in Worship Him for your in-house presentation, otherwise just use the full-screen Feed2 for in house as well as live-streaming PIP.

Please refer back to the first tutorial for setting up live-streams.
That's all! It takes a bit to set it up the first time but since Worship Him and OBS retain the setups it's a lot easier the second time.

*Back to the first Tutorial*

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