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Worship Him!

Streaming Online With Worship Him
Part 1

*Click here to go to the second tutorial*

Worship Him can be used with switchers or broadcasting software such as the free OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) to live stream to virtually any platform like Zoom, Facebook Live, or YouTube. Here we will be focusing on using Worship Him Power Edition with the free and popular broadcasting software OBS, running both Worship Him and OBS on the same computer. In this first tutorial we'll go over setting up Worship Him for layering lyrics and Bible passages over live video using Worship Him's live video support. The second tutorial will demontrate using 2 feeds in Worship: one setup for lower-thirds song lyrics to overlay over live video, and a second feed setup with full screen lyrics or Bible passages over a picture or video clip background to be used as picture-in-picture over live video.

    To implement what's described in this first tutorial you'll need a computer with at least 2 monitor outputs, Worship Him Power Edition and OBS installed, and a live-video source compatible with Worship Him. If you will be using an NDI camera for your live video source like we will be using for this tutorial, you will also need to install the free 'NDI Tools' package from NDI.
     The live video source could be a camera or video-capture device + camera combination. For live video Worship Him supports VFW or WDM (IE: native Windows support) devices, and NDI (Network Display Interface) devices using the free 'Virtual Webcam' app from NDI. Click here for instructions with setting up an NDI camera with Worship Him.

Here are the links for the additional software:

NDI Tools Needed for the 'Virtual Webcam' app. Scroll down to the bottom and select the download for Windows. You will need to provide an email address. Once the NDI tools package is installed start the Virtual Webcam app (click the Windows start button and scroll down to the NDI folder, expand it and click the Virtual Webcam icon). If you will be using an NDI camera in you regular worship services you should set this to startup automatically. There's instructions for that here.

Open Broadcast Software OBS

So, now we will assume you have both Worship Him Power Edition, OBS, and if necessary the Virtual Webcam app from NDI installed.

For this first tutorial I'll be using a smartphone running the NDI HX Camera app as a live-video background in Worship Him with lower-half song lyrics and Bible passages overlaid. We will then stream it to Facebook Live. For our second tutorial I'll demonstrate setting up Worship Him to do a full-screen presentation on one feed, and a green-screen lower thirds on another feed, and using OBS to switch between live-video with the lyrics overlaid on lower-thirds, and live video with a picture-in-picture view of the full-screen Worship Him presentation.

First let's start with setting Worship Him to overlay our songs and Bible passages over live video and then using OBS to broadcast the results. This can be done on a computer with only two monitor outputs; one for the control screen and one for the projector display/feed.

Step 1)
I have the HDX Camera app running on my phone and I've selected it as the source for Virtual Webcam app on my computer:

Step 2)
Launch Worship Him and set the live-video options for the projector feed you'll be streaming with to use the NDI source, in this case my phone connected via the NDI virtual webcam app.

First select 'Tools' then 'Options' from the menu and select 'Projector feeds' in the left column of the options window. Also select the tab corresponding to the feed you will be streaming from. In this tutorial we will be streaming Feed1:

Now we click the 'Feed1 live video settings' button and in the live video settings window set the 'Live video device index' to the camera/device we're using, in this case my phone comes up as 'New Tek NDI video':

Note that there are some options for resolution and rate (FPS). Once all is set click 'OK' to close the live video options window. Before closing the options window uncheck the 'Show title, author, copyright' checkbox. When projecting lower-thirds or lower-half there's no room for them. Click OK.

Step 3)
Now we need to tell Worship Him to use live video for the background and lower-half (or thirds) for the text placement on songs and Bible passages. For Bible passages just go to the Bible section of the options window and click the 'Projector display templates' button:

Then in the projector display templates selection-window click the 'For Live Video Background Lower-Half' template then click on the projector feed at bottom that you're using for streaming. In our case this is Feed1:

Then click OK.

Now we need to select the same template for songs on Feed1. With songs there are 'Default' projector display templates (one for each feed) and also each song can have projector display templates assigned (one for each feed). The default projector display templates for songs are set the same way we just did for Bible passages, except you click the 'Projector display templates' button in the Songs section of the options window. To set the projector display templates for individual songs select the song(s) (multiple-selection is allowed) in the songs list box or the cue list box and right-click them. Then then click 'Select projector display templates for highlighted song(s)':

Now in the Projector display template selection window you have two choices: 1: make sure the songs are set to use the default template for songs by checking the 'Use default' check-box just below Feed1 at the bottom display template selection window, or 2: just set the songs to the 'For video backgrounds lower-half' (or thirds) template like we did for Bible passages. Using method 1 requires that you set the default template for songs set to 'For video backgrounds lower-half' (or thirds).

Now we have Worship Him setup to display song and Bible text in the lower-half or third over our live video background. Try it out! Double-click one of the songs and then click on one of it's verses. It might take a few seconds to initialize the live-video the first time.

One more tip for Bible passages. Some Bible passage slides might be too big to fit in lower half or lower thirds. but there are some options in the Bible section of the options window to help. These are: 'Show each verse on a separate slide'. This option should be checked. Next is 'Add a blank line after each verse-reference line'. This should be unchecked. Finally there's the 'Max lines per slide' setting. If you are using lower-half then 5 lines should be good for this. If you're using lower thirds try 4.

Step 4)
The final step is to use OBS to broadcast the screen Worship Him is presenting on. Start by launching OBS. With OBS the first thing to do is add a 'Source'. In our example here this will be the Feed1 display Worship Him is presenting on. To do this click the + button underneath the 'Sources' list-box and select 'Display capture':

In the 'Create/Select Source' window select 'Create new', give it a name, then click 'OK. I'm naming it 'WH_Feed1' for this example. Now in the 'Properties' window set the display drop-down to the one Worship Him is presenting on and click OK:

We're almost there! Keep in mind that Worship Him will save and remember the setup you're doing and so will OBS so you won't have to start from scratch every Sunday morning.

Next lets setup the Facebook live stream. Log into the Facebook account you want the stream to appear on and click the 'Live Video' button. Click 'Create Live Video' and then in 'Select a Video Source' choose 'Streaming Software' and click the 'Copy' button next to the 'Stream' key:

Now we need to give the stream key to OBS, so return to OBS, click the 'Settings' button in the 'Controls' section at the bottom-right:

and in the settings window select 'Stream' in the left column. Now right-click the 'Stream key' textbox and select 'Paste' to paste the stream key into OBS. Click 'OK':

Click the 'Start streaming' button in the bottom-right 'Controls' section in OBS:

Now you're ready to click 'Go Live' on Facebook and you're streaming on Facebook Live!
You can also connect your Facebook Live account in OBS so you don't have to use a streaming key every time.

To stream this content on Zoom do everything the same above except instead of setting up the Facebook live stream in OBS you click the 'Start virtual camera' button in the 'Controls' section at the bottom-right of the OBS Window:

Now open the Zoom app on your computer, start a new meeting, and in the 'Video' drop-down selector choose 'OBS virtual camera':

For your in-house presentation you can always use the Worship Him streaming feed, and if your computer has a third monitor output you can use that for an independant in-house presentation. With Worship Him it's easy to setup multiple presentations without making it any more difficult during the presentation.

We've reached the end of this tutorial. In the second tutorial we go a little farther and setup one feed in Worship Him for use in OBS as a 'picture-in-picture' source for Bible passages and PowerPoint slides, and another Worship Him feed setup as a lower-thirds source for song lyrics overlay over live video.

*Click here to go to the second tutorial*

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