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Using NDI Network Devices With Worship Him

NDI (Network Device Interface) is a high performance network protocal that makes it easy to use video over your network, and using NDI cameras and video capture devices with Worship Him's built-in live-video functionality is easy! Here's how:

1) Install the free NDI Toolkit from NewTek (the creators of NDI) available here: NDI Tools | NDI.tv

2) Run the 'Webcam input' app from the toolkit.

3) Right-click the 'Webcam input' icon in your Windows system-tray and select the NDI camera or capture device.

4) The live video source is now available to Worship Him.

 To play the live video from the NDI camera or capture device:

Select the 'Video' tab in Worship Him's upper-left corner and place a check in the 'Live video' checkbox:
Worship Him's Video workspace.

The live-video should now appear in the preview area. If it doesn't, try changing the 'Live video device index for preview' in the 'Video' section of Worship Him's options. To do this: Select 'Tools' then 'Options' from the menu then select 'Video' from the side-panel in the options window:
Video options

Using your new live video source as a background
for songs, Bible passages, etc is easy too. Just use one of the 'For Live Video' projector display templates that come with Worship Him on that feed, and the background will be your live video source. If at first it doesn't work you may need to set the projector feed's 'Live video device' to your NDI Source. To do this go to the 'Projector feeds' section of Worship Him's options menu, select the tab at the top corresponding to the feed you want, then click the 'Live video settings' button. Now in the Live video settings window adjust the 'Live video device index' to the NDI camera/source.

You can also use a smartphone as a live video camera by installing and running the 'NDI HX Camera' app available in the App Store for an IPhone or on Google Play for Android phones. With this app running on your phone and your phone connected to the same network (via wifi) as your computer, you should be able to select your phone as the source in the 'Webcam input' app.

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